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Sometime in 2018 I started creating art. First it was a slow trickle, playing around with photographs, scissors, and tape to create collage on a photocopier. It quickly moved beyond that to include more photos and better tools. Then came paint. It went from a trickle to an obsession. I am fully unqualified and untrained, figuring out how images and colors fit together as I go along. 

This is just a sample of the collages, paintings, and photographs I've taken since then. 

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I rarely come with a preconceived idea of what a piece will be. Whether I am painting or collaging, I allow fragments to begin speaking for themselves and react to the shapes, images, and colors they present. Trusting my instinct and relying on mood and snapshots of memories, I allow the work to unfold naturally, speaking to me as it builds.

Through a variety of media and materials, I create abstract works focused on color, imagery, and mood. Often the pieces feel very intimate as I feel myself sharing moods, memories, emotions, and secrets unconsciously. Each piece begins with a movement or image and builds so that the end result is both a combination of individual elements and a whole greater than its parts. 

My end goal is to share something, grand, small, profane, irrelevant, reflecting something human and common. I don’t draw from formal training or a specific, pre-defined style. Instead I allow a sense of surprise and discovery to fit the pieces of the puzzle together without a clear, set path to produce what I see, feel, and experience in the world around me. 

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