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Work in Progress - "Schematic"

Using a photo I took near Greensboro, North Carolina, I started a new painting within the last week. The photo was from a ghost bridge (google it, it's an interesting story) and related construction around the bridge.

I liked the image of the chipped concrete and the yellow/gray colors. I wasn't sure where it was going to head but started with the main elements.

I also used some new mediums, oil sticks and acrylic markers. I found the oil sticks are great for adding shading, blurred lines, smudges, etc. As I eyed this up, I decided to add more detail.

As I kept looking at it, I decided to keep adding more circles to move the eye around and to add additional color. I got lucky with the color mixes for the circles by dripping some reds and orange together on a sponge.

Additionally, I added some thinner bronze paint and used a spray bottle to spread it and the purple at the top. Throughout the process I kept thinking about the sun, eggs, clocks, etc.

I was happy with how it turned out and made another one (below) in a mini series of sorts.

This one I called "Wheel of Fortune" and used similar techniques and materials. There is a third that is similar still in progress and kind of insane.

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